Our mission

The Deaconess Foundation improves community health by investing in initiatives that provide healthcare access and education to at-risk populations in underserved communities.


In 1888, the Cincinnati community started a “sick house” staffed by Methodist deaconesses, who traveled from Germany to answer the local Evangelical Protestant Society’s call to care for the sick. Deaconess Hospital was the first “general” hospital in the city. 

Today, Deaconess is equally active as a “social investor” through the Deaconess Foundation. Recognizing that other community providers are well qualified to satisfy specific healthcare needs in specific communities, the Deaconess Foundation provides financial support to those providers, particularly those focused on underserved and at-risk members of the community. 

Since 2012, Deaconess has awarded nearly $17 million to a variety of community organizations that cater to vulnerable youth, the homeless, the addicted, the elderly, and other populations who are in need of a stabilizing support system.


Investing in Community Initiatives

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