Deaconess Connections seeks partnerships with and investments in companies that can thrive in the “new normal” of U.S. healthcare.

Why do companies choose Deaconess Connections as their strategic growth partner?

  • Ready access to capital
  • Exclusive focus on healthcare businesses
  • Deep experience with strategic business planning and execution
  • A commitment to leave day-to-day decisions to local management
  • An approach that generally provides job security for both management and staff

Other components of our investment strategy:

  • “Buy and Build:” Our collaborative approach is designed to accelerate growth via de novo expansions, sales, and marketing enhancements and add-on acquisitions. We connect companies in our portfolio where synergies exist and mutually beneficial growth opportunities are within reach. 
  • Horizon and scope: We are long-term investors by nature, favoring a buy-and-hold approach. However, we are flexible in our thinking and never lose sight of compelling exit opportunities. 
  • Strategic focus: Our portfolio companies typically succeed by: 
    • Bringing care to people through more direct distribution, lower-cost settings, and outpatient environments  
    • Enabling coordination among providers and diverse care teams and eliminating duplicative treatments and unnecessary admissions
    • Fostering consumer-centric care through products and services that simplify care and address social needs 
    • Innovating in well-defined niches
  • Building on success: We seek to partner – through direct acquisition or joint ventures – with both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations that possess: 
    • $2 million in EBITDA or more
    • Strong track records, with demonstrable quality metrics and positive user outcomes 
    • Management teams with the vision, motivation, and capacity to build market-leading companies
    • Transformative potential and capabilities
    • A clear, big-picture perspective of their place in a complex industry
  • Collaboration and teamwork: We bring unique skills, broad expertise, and deep experience to complement company resources because we believe that’s the most effective way to solve problems and seize opportunities. We believe in open communication and transparency.

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