PLEASE NOTE: At this time ALL Mobile Health Clinic operations have been suspended.

Find the Deaconess Mobile Health Clinic in a Neighborhood Near You

Rick Brown, Program Manager

Access to comprehensive, quality health care is critical for:

Lenzi Kiluba, Certified Nurse Practitioner
  • maintaining health
  • preventing and managing disease
  • reducing unnecessary disability
  • achieving health equity

Access to primary healthcare also greatly reduces the need for costly emergency room visits – which is often the go-to choice when patients delay getting treatment and/or lack preventative care. Since these patients are often uninsured or under-insured, the hospital passes these costs on, increasing the cost of care throughout the community and stressing an already burdened system.

Angie Freese, Registered Medical Assistant

For those who have little to no access to medical care other than the hospital emergency rooms, Deaconess Mobile Health is providing essential services.

We make regularly scheduled visits to area agencies, including Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul (Bank St.), Northstar Community Church and many more –   providing primary care services. The Deaconess Mobile Clinic is staffed by a Certified Nurse Practitioner, medical assistants, and the Program Manager. Patients always receive service regardless of ability to pay.


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