Heimlich Heroes™ Launches Newly Designed Website

Heimlich Heroes™ Launches Newly Designed Website

Heimlich Heroes™, a Deaconess initiative, invites you to visit our newly updated and enhanced website. It’s designed with you in mind: the ultimate user-friendly experience. We’ve added new features and information that help you find whatever you’re looking for. It’s also jam-packed with health and safety topics, human-interest stories and the latest Heimlich Heroes news and events.

Since the program’s start in 2013, we’ve trained over 100,000 kids, teens and adults. We continually focus on training kids through schools and youth organizations, inspiring a new generation of children. Our program is rapidly expanding across the nation—reaching ever-growing numbers. The new website reflects our commitment to extend our reach. Updated features include:

  • Get There in Three Clicks or Less. Improved navigation reduces the number of clicks to find whatever you’re looking for.
  • Information at your Fingertips. We’ve substantially updated new and relevant information for easier accessibility and readability.
  • Topics at a Glance. The home page now includes the most widely searched-for topics. Adding the “Mega-menu” at page top provides direct access to just about anything else.

Fresh Food for Thought: Equipping Restaurant Workers

State requirements are growing for restaurants, hospitals, day care centers, and others to hang choking safety posters. Heimlich Heroes offers Heimlich Maneuver posters for employees, keeping your patrons safe.

Increasing demands to aid and prevent choking deaths are just one reason Heimlich Heroes is always expanding and updating our programs and reach. Experience the new website for yourself at HeimlichHeroes.com.

Contact: Terri Huntington, program manager
Email: THuntington@deaconess-cinti.com
Phone: (513) 559-2468





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About Heimlich Heroes:

Heimlich Heroes, a Deaconess Initiative, teaches kids, grades 2-12, how to recognize, respond to, and prevent a choking emergency. This program teaches a life-saving technique and empowers young people to view themselves as potential heroes. To learn more about the program or to register your school or organization, visit heimlichheroes.com.