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Deaconess Foundation Receives Transformation Award From The Center For Respite Care

On October 12, The Deaconess Foundation was honored to receive a
Transformation Award from The Center for Respite Care, a 24-hour
facility providing medical and nursing care to sick, homeless people.
The award recognizes one of Deaconess’ most tangible and successful initiatives:
Deaconess Health Checks.  Tony Woods, Chairman of Deaconess Associations Inc.,
accepted the award at the Transformation Award Dinner at the Cintas Center.

Deaconess Health Checks are clinics that provide a variety of primary care
services in traditionally underserved locations including school-based centers,
homeless shelters, behavioral centers, and now the newly built Center for
Respite Care on Washington Avenue.  There are 13 Deaconess Health Checks
in operation or under construction in the tristate area.

“For almost 130 years, Deaconess has worked to satisfy healthcare needs in the
Greater Cincinnati community,” offered Woods.  “Collaborating with the
Center for Respite Care to support health and independence on behalf of our
city’s homeless is an intrinsic response to our healing mission.”