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Deaconess Foundation awards Boys & Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati $50,000 grant to support “Fit for Life”

The Deaconess Foundation has awarded the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati (BGCGC) with a $50,000 grant this year toward the Club’s “Fit for Life” program.  This is the 5th consecutive year that Deaconess has supported BGCGC’s efforts to promote healthy living among 5,000+ children – 83% of whom live at or below poverty level.

“Deaconess is truly making a difference in the lives of our community’s young people,” said Brent Seelmeyer, BGCGC’s President.  “This financial support enables the Boys & Girls Club to demonstrate the possibility of a more positive path for these kids:  one with direction, purpose and hope!”

“Fit for Life” provides tutoring, educational field trips, physical activity and nutritious meals to the community’s underprivileged youth.