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Deaconess Foundation awards $187+K to Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky for Deaconess Health Check on Burlington Campus

The Deaconess Foundation recently awarded the Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky (CHNK) with over $187,000 to expand its Integrated Health Services program.  This expansion involves site preparation for a Deaconess Health Check on the Home’s Burlington campus, as well as furniture and medical equipment.

“This grant expands the number of Deaconess Health Check centers to twelve (12) in our community,” said Diane Decker, Director of the Development.  “Deaconess Health Checks provide primary health care services in school-based settings, homeless shelters, behavioral health and respite care centers in areas that lack immediate access to health care and serve at-risk members of our community.  We welcome this opportunity to increase our support of CHNK and improve the well-being of the youth served by the Children’s Home in Burlington.”

In 2015, the Deaconess Foundation awarded $318,000 to CHNK to construct and furnish a Deaconess Health Check at a satellite facility in Covington, creating more convenient and affordable health care for numerous Northern Kentucky public school students.