Deaconess Awards $51,000 in Nursing Scholarships!

Deaconess Awards $51,000 in Scholarships

On Monday, May 7th, Tony Woods, Chairman of the Deaconess Foundation, presented ten awardees with healthcare education scholarships totaling $51,000.   Deaconess has provided healthcare services since 1888, and, in that tradition, the Deaconess Foundation funds initiatives which provide healthcare access to the underserved, including educational support.


Scholarship categories and awardees are as follows:

Deaconess Foundation Allied Health Scholarships:  Anne Geller and Mahogany Kinkaid

The Deaconess School of Nursing Alumnae Scholarship:  Monica Hawkins

Deaconess Foundation Nursing Scholarships:  Lindsey Fossitt, Madison Melnick, Taylor Spiering, Lauren Walsh and Kayla Warpenburg

Deaconess Foundation Advanced Practice Nursing Scholarships:  Rewa Banks and Yvonne Stephenson


The awards are coordinated in partnership with Interact for Change.  Interact presented four nursing scholarships and recognized two individuals for nursing excellence.


Deaconess Foundation Chairman Tony Woods commented, “Investing in these scholarships for

such outstanding students helps to ensure the health of our community.  This is the fifth year we’ve provided scholarships, totaling over $325,000, to students who will make a difference in our community.”


The Deaconess Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Deaconess Associations, Inc.  In 2017, the Foundation invested over $1.4 million in grants to improve community health, including Deaconess Health Checks.  There are 12 Deaconess Health Checks throughout Greater Cincinnati, providing care in homeless shelters, substance abuse treatment facilities, children’s homes, and schools.